Happiness is a feeling that is meant to be shared: offered from one heart to another. Which is why Chicco USA joins its parent company Artsana to wholeheartedly support the global aiutare i bambini organization’s “Children’s Heart” campaign to care for the world’s most fragile babies suffering from life-threatening heart disease.

Nearly a million children around the world are born each year with congenital heart malformations. By operating on babies right after they are born, pediatric heart surgery can correct critical heart conditions for infants who would otherwise not live to see their first birthday.

In modern, industrialized countries, these life-saving surgeries are widely practiced and in the majority of cases these tiny patients go to on lead normal lives. Unfortunately, some of the world’s poorest countries lack doctors and even adequately equipped hospitals to perform such complex operations. This is where aiutare i bambini steps in.

Since 2005, 737 children have been saved thanks to pediatric heart surgeries made possible by "aiutare i bambini"

In countries like Kazakhstan, Cambodia, Uzbekistan, Eritrea, and Kurdistan, the foundation supports regular missions of volunteer medical teams to operate on children in their home countries. For children in countries like Albania, Kosovo, and Zimbabwe where it was not possible to perform the operations locally, the children are transported to Italy for surgical care.

The foundation also supports doctors and hospitals in Cambodia and Cameroon by providing necessary equipment and technology for the operations, or by simply covering the costs of the surgeries.

aiutare i bambini

“The Foundation's accomplishments have been notable” says Francesca Catelli, Vice President of Artsana Group. “Chicco will be totally committed in order to ensure further improvements, and so that an increasing number of children will be able to regain their health and start smiling once again.”

About the Foundation

Established in 2000, the aiutare i bambini foundation is devoted to helping the world’s most threatened children: those who are poor, ill, or lack education, as well as children who have suffered physical and psychological abuse.

A secular, independent, and non-profit organization, the Foundation is based in Italy with child sponsorship projects around the world to support children’s healthcare and education.

To date, aiutare i bambini has supported more than a million children, funding 1,034 aid projects in 72 countries.

aiutare i bambini