Chicco and Ai.Bi. and lots and lots of children

Happiness is like a seed generated by small gestures. If we cultivate it, it will grow into a plant which sprouts abundant fruit.

Inspiring happiness in every child.

Since its founding, Italian brand Chicco and its parent company the Artsana Group have been devoted to the happiness of children. To that end, in 2003, the company began a partnership with Amici dei Bambini (Ai.Bi.) to promote happiness for the most vulnerable of children: those who have been abandoned.

Ai.Bi. was born in Italy in 1986 with the slogan “They close the institutes, we open the families” when orphanages were shutting down in that country. Its mission to help create stable families for children in difficult living situations has spread, encompassing 25 countries. Together Chicco and Ai.Bi. are focusing on finding families for children who are least likely to be adopted: those older than seven, those from large families, and those with special needs because of their health or behavioral problems.

By providing training and support for future foster parents beginning with the matching period through the post-adoption phase, Chicco and Ai.Bi aim to ensure successful transitions for these most vulnerable of children.


Chicco di Felicita

The symbol of this project is the Chicco di Felicità (Chicco Seed of Happiness). Etched into a stylish chrome charm, it can be worn to bring awareness to the cause and as a tangible support to find loving homes for these abandoned children.

chicco di felicita

Chicco encourages your participation because Chicco believes that lasting change begins with the seed of an idea, nourished by love and attention, and brought into blossom through greater awareness and support.

Purchase a Charm

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